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Reliance Jio silently launches affordable “True Unlimited Upgrade” Recharge plans starting at Rs 51

Reliance Jio has introduced three new recharge plans, named “true unlimited upgrade” booster packs, to offer more affordable access to unlimited 5G data. These new plans, priced at Rs 51, Rs 101, and Rs 151, can be added to existing plans.

Following a tariff hike on July 3, 2024, Jio made changes to its “Jio Welcome Offer,” raising the eligibility threshold for unlimited 5G data to plans with 2GB of data per day or more. However, the new booster packs now allow users on 1GB/day and 1.5GB/day plans to also enjoy unlimited 5G data.

– Rs 51 Plan: Includes 3GB of 4G data plus unlimited 5G data.
– Rs 101 Plan: Offers 6GB of 4G data alongside unlimited 5G data.
– Rs 151 Plan: Provides 9GB of 4G data plus unlimited 5G data.

Jio 5G upgrade plan 4G data 5G data
Rs 51 3GB Unlimited
Rs 101 6GB Unlimited
Rs 151 9GB Unlimited

These plans require the user to have a 5G-supported device and be in an area where Jio True 5G services are available.

Additionally, Jio has discontinued the Rs 61 “5G upgrade” add-on plan, replacing it with the Rs 101 plan. Previously, the Rs 239 prepaid plan allowed users to activate Jio’s Welcome Offer, but after the price hike, this plan now costs Rs 299 and no longer includes the unlimited 5G benefit, offering only 1.5GB of daily data.

To access unlimited 5G, Jio customers now need to choose higher-priced plans. The most affordable prepaid plan with 2GB/day data is priced at Rs 349. The new true unlimited upgrade plans aim to make 5G access more affordable, providing an alternative for those who want to maximize their data usage without significantly increasing their expenses.

These changes reflect Jio’s strategic shift in its 5G offerings, balancing the need to maintain its customer base while managing the increased costs of providing high-speed 5G services. By introducing these new booster packs, Jio is trying to cater to a broader audience, ensuring more users can experience the benefits of 5G connectivity at a more manageable cost.

It will be interesting to see if Bharti Airtel also rolls out similar 5G upgrade plans. Airtel currently offers unlimited 5G with 2GB/day and above plans, similar to Jio’s offerings before the introduction of these new booster packs.

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