Watch Video: ‘My 30 Percent English is finished now, okay’ – Naseem Shah’s hilarious response leaves everyone in splits during press conference

Pakistan will resume cricket action on December 1 with a historic home Test series against England. The two sides will rekindle their rivalry, which reached a climax earlier this month in the T20 World Cup final, when England overcame Babar Azam’s side by five wickets at the legendary Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

The England tour of Pakistan 2022 consists of three Test matches. The first Test is set to be played from December 1 to 5 in Rawalpindi, the second Test will be played from December 9 to 13 in Multan and the third Test will be played from December 17 to 21 in Karachi.

At a press conference before the first Test, the pace-bowling sensation Naseem Shah was asked about the longevity of the 40-year-old England pace-bowling great James Anderson, who is still a key member of England’s Test setup. Naseem lavished praise on Anderson and said that he is putting in a lot of hard work.

“It’s a very big achievement because I’m a fast bowler, I know how hard it is. He’s a legend, we learn a lot of things from him. When we meet, we discuss about this. He’s still playing at 40, he’s still fit, so you can imagine how much hard work he’s putting,” Shah said.

Brother, I have just 30 per cent English – Naseem Shah

Naseem Shah
Naseem Shah. (Photo: AFP)

The 19-year-old pacer, who has picked up 33 Test wickets, 10 ODI wickets and 14 T20I wickets, was further asked to share his views on the pace vs skills debate, insisting that while Anderson doesn’t have the same speed as before, he has still got the skills.

Naseem Shah cut the question short and came up with an epic response that left the reporters in splits.

He replied: “Brother, I have just 30 per cent English. My English is finished now, okay?”

When the reporter refined his question, Naseem stated that Anderson, who is one of the best bowlers in the world, has a lot of experience and that has helped him understand the game better.

“I told you, he’s the legend. He knows everything. He knows how to take wickets because he has played cricket everywhere in the world. That’s why he’s one of the best bowlers in the world,” said Naseem.

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