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WhatsApp Premium: Now User Can Login 10 Devices In A Single Account, Here’s How to get Whatsapp Premium

New Delhi: To make the work fast and smooth, WhatsApp users can now enjoy a modern feature in which they can log in to up to 10 devices simultaneously using a single account. Indeed! It’s excellent news for business users,

Meta-owned messaging service WhatsApp has reportedly started rolling out ‘WhatsApp Premium’ feature for business accounts. Instant messaging and calling service WhatsApp premium subscription service has not officially launched yet; however it is now available for beta users. According to GSM Arena, this means that only the WhatsApp beta program members can access the Premium menu, where all the extra features reside.

Whatsapp Premium Subscription Features

Currently, there are 2 Whatsapp Premium Subscription Features available. First one is a custom business link. This link will have your business name and service type so that customers can remember the business everytime. It will be a short unique link that takes users to the targeted landing page. If multiple businesses have the same name then it will be on a first-cum-first-serve basis, and if subscription expires then others can grab the link.


The 2nd feature is multi-device functionality. Here, a Whatsapp Premium account can be accessed on 10 different devices at the same time. This will help the business cater to a large number of customers at any given time.


About the last feature, it would be helpful for large businesses to manage certain chats from a specific device — for this reason, WhatsApp is developing the ability to assign chats to linked devices, the report said.

“When you want to assign a certain chat to a specific linked device, the list of your linked devices will show up so you can select the desired device,” the report said.

“Assigned chats will be highlighted within the selected device, so the user that’s using that specific device knows they have to manage those conversations,” it added.

Since this is a business tool, it will not be available for standard WhatsApp accounts. This feature is under development and will be released in a future update of the app.

Whatsapp Premium Subscription Price in India

The Whatsapp Premium service is a paid monthly subscription currently live for select business accounts. Its price is not revea,led yet, but expected to be around ₹99 per month

How to get Whatsapp Premium

Currently Whatsapp Premium is only available to select Whatsapp Business accounts as part of a paid subscription service. You can check if you have got it or not as shown below.

  • Update your Whatsapp Business app.
  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘Whatsapp Premium’.

More features will roll out soon, and also availability to more Whatsapp Business accounts in the coming days. Telegram also launched its Premium service earlier.

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