Gold Prices Fall By Rs 1310 In 3 Days, Silver Falls By Rs 4300 In 5 Days, Check Latest Prices In Your City

Gold price witnessed a record hike by Rs 110 on Thursday after falling consecutively for 3 days by Rs 1310 in India. Today 24K gold price hiked by Rs 110 at Rs 51,000 per 10 grams in India while 22K gold price jumped by Rs 100 at Rs 46,750 per 10 gram in the country

Today 22 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in India (INR)
It is worth noting that 22K gold price on Wednesday witnessed a decline of Rs 250 at Rs 46,650 per 10 grams in India while 24K gold price in India fell by Rs 270 at Rs 50,890 per 10 grams in the country.

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in India (INR)


Meanwhile on October 11, 2022, price of 22K gold registered a sharp fall of Rs 700 to end at Rs 46,900 per 10 grams while the price of 24K gold saw a fall of Rs 770 to close at Rs 51,160 per 10 grams in India.

22K gold price fell on October 10 by Rs 250 to end at Rs 47,600 per 10 grams and 24K gold price fell by Rs 270 to close at Rs 51,930 per 10 grams.

In October, 22K gold prices rose for 4 consecutive days beginning from October 3 to October 6, 2022 by Rs 1350 while 24K gold price surged by Rs 1470 during this time period.

There is sharp decline of Rs 1200 in silver prices in India. The price of silver is Rs 57,300 on Thursday after a decline of Rs 1200 in India. Silver prices have now fallen by Rs 4300 since October 8 to October 13, 2022.

The gold and silver prices in India depend on several factors, such as the value of the rupee against the dollar, and global demand plays a key role in determining the trends observed in the rate of precious metals.

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Gold Price Today in major cities-

Major Cities     22 Carat/10g     24 Carat/10g
Delhi     Rs 46,900     Rs 51,150
Mumbai     Rs 46,750     Rs 51,000
Kolkata     Rs 46,750     Rs 51,000
Chennai     Rs 47,400     Rs 51,710
Ahmedabad     Rs 46,800     Rs 51,050

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