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Govt Orders Promotion of 188 Masters As Headmasters

The School Education department of Jammu and Kashmir Ordered Regularization/promotion of 188 Masters (worked/working as I/C Headmasters & equivalent) as Headmasters and equivalent.

Pursuant to SAC Decision No. 166/22/2018, dated 07.12.2018 and on the recommendations of the Departmental Promotion Committee constituted vide Government Order No. 115-GAD of 2019, dated 23.01.2019, sanction is hereby accorded to the promotion / regularization of Masters (worked working as l/c Headmasters & equivalent) as Headmasters and equivalent in School Education Department as detailed in Annexure-‘A’ to this order in the relevant pay scale as revised from time to time, with effect from the dates indicated against each.

The promotion/ regularization shall be without prejudice to the outcome of any writ petition pending in any competent court(s) of law or any case pending in Anti-Corruption Bureau or Crime Branch.

The promotion / regularization is further subject to following conditions:

  1. The officer is working/has worked as l/c Headmasters & equivalent. The notional promotion is merely for the purposes of protecting the seniority and not for monetary purposes if otherwise not eligible.
  2. The Drawing & Disbursing Officers shall take an undertaking from the concerned Officer in shape of an affidavit duly attested by the 1 Class Magistrate to the effect if his/her service particulars/Academic credentials are found fake/forged/tempered or issued by un-recognized University or the course is proved as un-recognized at a later stage, he/she shall have no claim for the regularization and the regularization order issued in his/her favour be treated as cancelled ab-init1o without further notice.
  3. The Drawing Disbursing Officers concerned shall obtain LPC and other related details of the incumbents from the Drawing & Disbursing Officer of their parent offices before fixing the pay of these Officers in the relevant pay scales as revised from time to time.
  4. The Drawing and Disbursing Officers concerned shall strictly adhere to the instructions of the Finance Department issued vide No. A23(08)-1-B-184 for drawal of Time barred arrears.
  5. The Drawing & Disbursing Officers shall be responsible for implementation/ fulfillment of above conditions and other codal formalities in letter and spirit
Government Order No: 298-JK(Edu)of 2023 Regularization/promotion of Masters (worked/working as I/C Headmasters & equivalent) as Headmasters and equivalent.
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Updated: September 16, 2023 — 8:02 pm
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