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J&K School Education Department Faces Scrutiny for Delay in Non-Teaching Staff Recruitment, 7000 Positions vacant

[JAMMU, 02/02/2023] The Jammu and Kashmir School Education Department is under scrutiny as approximately 7,000 non-teaching positions remain vacant, causing concerns among aspirants awaiting recruitment. The delay in initiating the recruitment process has sparked questions about the department’s commitment to addressing the critical need for staffing in various educational institutions across the region.

Article-16 of the Constitution of India underscores the principle of equality of opportunity in matters of employment under Central or State governments. It explicitly prohibits discrimination on any grounds outlined in Article-14. The prolonged delay in filling these non-teaching vacancies raises questions about adherence to these constitutional provisions and the government’s commitment to providing equal opportunities in public employment.

Non-teaching job aspirants, eagerly anticipating the recruitment process, are left in limbo as the vacant positions continue to go unfilled. The inability to address this issue promptly not only impacts the career aspirations of numerous individuals but also raises concerns about the effective functioning of educational institutions without adequate support staff.

The concerned citizens, educational stakeholders, and aspirants urge the Jammu and Kashmir School Education Department to expedite the recruitment process and ensure transparency in the selection procedure. Timely action on these vacancies is not only crucial for the career growth of the aspirants but also aligns with the constitutional principles of equality and non-discrimination.

The undersigned individuals and organizations call upon the authorities to prioritize the initiation of the recruitment process, upholding the principles of fairness and equal opportunity enshrined in the Constitution of India.


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