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Petrol Price Today Below Rs 100; Check Latest Petrol & Diesel Rates in Your City

Petrol Price Today Below Rs 100 in Several Cities; Check Petrol, Diesel Rates in Your City

Petrol, Diesel Prices Today: The petrol and diesel prices remain unchanged today for the 64th day in a row on Monday i.e. July 25, except Maharashtra.

In Maharashtra, the state government slashed the value-added tax (VAT) levied on automotive fuels on July 15. The VAT on petrol was decreased by Rs 5 per litre and on diesel, the VAT was decreased by Rs 3 per litre in the state.

The price cut was announced by the CM after a state cabinet meeting on July 14. Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis hailed the decision as a “great relief to Maharashtrian and Marathi Manus

The last time petrol and diesel prices declined in the entire country was on May 22 when Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman slashed the excise duty levied on automotive fuels. The excise duty levied on petrol was cut by Rs 8 per litre, and it was reduced by Rs 6 per litre on diesel on May 21.

Petrol, Diesel Prices on July 25, in Delhi, Chennai and Other Major Cities in India:

Jammu & Kashmir

  • Petrol: Rs 101.2 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 86.5 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 96.72 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 89.62 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 106.31 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 94.27 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 106.03 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 92.76 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 102.63 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 94.24 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 108.65 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 93.90 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 109.66 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 97.82 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 101.94 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 87.89 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 96.01 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 83.94 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 96.57 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 89.76 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 96.63 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 92.38 per litre


  • Petrol: Rs 107.71 per litre
  • Diesel: Rs 96.52 per litre.

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