Retirement Age Increase : Big news! The retirement age of these employees will be increased by 5 years- Know Details

The retirement age of these employees has been increased. In fact, the central government employees are continuously demanding the government to increase the retirement age, while many state governments have also increased the retirement age of the employees. These state government has decided to increase the retirement age by 5 years.

Decision to increase the retirement age by 5 years-

It has been decided to increase the retirement age of doctors in West Bengal by 5 years. The retirement age of doctors will be increased by 5 years under the National Health Mission by the State Health Department. At present the retirement age of doctors is 62 years, preparations are being made to increase it by 5 years to 67 years.

This decision has been taken by the West Bengal government. According to health officials, this important step is being taken to overcome the shortage of specialists and medical officers. Not only this, according to the officials of the department, the tenure of the doctor can also be renewed after retirement till the age of 70 years.

A section raised questions on the government-

A section of the medical community has questioned the government over the decision to increase the retirement age. About 5000 new doctors are coming every year. After passing the exam, they are becoming doctors but no initiative is being taken by the government to recruit them. Had they been appointed, there would have been no dearth of doctors in the state.

The situation should not be handled by raising the retirement age of doctors but the demand of the medical community to recruit doctors and even after the age of 60 the efficiency decreases. In such a situation, the state government should pay more attention to recruitment instead of increasing the retirement age.

According to officials, contract doctors are attached to various services under the National Health Mission. Working in Primary Health Center under various Municipality and Municipal Corporation of the State. The total number of such doctors is 1200, out of which 400 doctors are going to retire soon. Due to the fear of acute shortage of doctors, the retirement age of contractual doctors has been increased to 70 years. (With Inputs From Agencies)

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