State Land Row: Instead of Influential land Grabbers, Revenue officials harassing Poor People

Srinagar,21-Jan: Despite clear and repeated directions from Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha, Tehsildars and other revenue officials are seen harassing only Poor and Common People across Kashmir Valley and the Influential Land Grabbers are Still enjoying their Approach and Special Treatment From Concerned officers.

As per reports to CNS, officials while Using full Media Coverage were Seen demolishing Sheds, and Walls of Common Man but on other side the Main Land Grabbers in different Tehsils of Kashmir Valley are still enjoying approach, influence and Special Treatment from officer’s and CNS has also learnt that these officer’s are trying their best to Save these influential people.

Earlier, LG While talking to Media assured that the Govt will not touch any Common and Poor Man and have to retrieve the land from those who have grabbed it under some influence or by misusing their power and position but still some revenue officials on ground are harassing Poor and Common man.

“Some officers are trying their best to Save these big fishes by diverting attention of higher authorities from these Names but the truth is that these big fishes are linked with some political parties or having some other influence, is this law only for Poor and Common Man”,asked one of the local?

Meanwhile, General Public has requested LG admin and Chief Secretary to restrain these revenue officials from harassing only Poor and Common Man.(CNS)

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