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Transfers and Postings Of Lecturers

  • The school education department ordered transfers and postings of lecturers of Electronics, forming Annexure-“A” to this order, In the interest of administration and academics, with immediate effect.

    Sub para (iv), (vi) & (vi) of Para(c) of Notification No. 01-JK(Edu) of 2023 dated 26.04.2023 have been applied in Such transfer(s)/posting(s), wherever applicable.

  • The DDO(S) concerned are directed to immediately forward the LPCS alongwith Service Book of the transferee(s) to their new place of posting(s)/DDO(S).
  • No leave of any kind shall be granted to any officer who is under order of transfer and failing to comply shal be treated as absence from duties.
  • The Department has retained such lecturers at their respective place of posting who have conveyed their willingness to continue in Zone-III,IV and V despite having mature stay as per Para A(c) of Notification No. 01-Jk(Edu) of 2023 dated 26.04.2023
  • Orders once issued must be strictly complied with and any modification request under compelling circumstances/in exceptional cases shall be entertained by the department only after joining of the transferee(s) at their new place of posting(s).
  • The respective Directorates shall submit a status report with regard to compliance of the instant order by the respective officer(s). By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.
Government Order No: 307-JK(Edu)of 2023 Transfer(s) and posting(s) of Lecturers under Online Transfer Portal 2023.

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