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Winter Vacation Update – Current Weather is ‘Pleasant to Play, Attend Schools’: DSEK

Srinagar, Nov 23: With the medical experts suggesting not to vent out in foggy weather, Director of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) on contrary says that the ‘weather is pleasant’ for attending the school.

For the past several days, Kashmir has been reeling under intense cold and foggy weather conditions and doctors have suggested taking precautions against the possible ill effects of it.

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However, DSEK Thursday said, “The Government is aware of the matter and was sensitive of the situation too. We will make an announcement very soon.”

“However, I want to tell you that the weather is very pleasant. Look at children playing the cricket. Had there been that much of a cold, you wouldn’t have seen them playing and clapping during the match,” he said.

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“As of now, I don’t think there is that much severity of cold,” the director said.

He further said that the department has to keep those rules in consideration as well that in one academic session there are 200 academic days that primary level students have to attend mandatorily and from classes 6th standard onward, students have to attend 220 academic days mandatorily.

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“Besides, we are supposed to fill the learning gaps of students as well. Keeping in view all those things, the government is aware of the situation and will make an announcement accordingly,” DSEK said.

Pertinently, has reported that several teachers had said that besides cold weather situations, seasonal influenza have also been observed in many students.

“Unfortunately, the students have not been provided with any sort of heating arrangements. I think if such facilities were in place, there would be less chances of getting ill,” a teacher said.

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Meanwhile, another teacher (Name Withheld) had said, “From the first week of November, schools in our and adjacent communities have been witnessing a very thin attendance.”

Two weeks back, the teachers said that “It seems like only 50-60 percent of students are attending the classes and among those who are attending the classes, many students are not even regular.”

The teachers have also said that some of the parents of such wards had informed that their wards had a severe chest congestion.

“It is not only students who have fallen prey to seasonal influenza and cold weather atmosphere in classrooms, but many teachers have fallen ill too and they are on leave,” he said adding, “For past more than a week, there is a very thin attendance of students.”

The teacher said, “The parents prefer to keep their wards back at home to evade the cold weather conditions and avoid catching the flu.”—(KNO)

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