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Pre-Termination Notice For Lab Assistant

Pre-Termination Notice to Mtr. Rumaisa Khan, Lab Assistant, BHSS Tral, Pulwama was appointed as Lab Assistant in the Department pursuant to the recommendation made by JKSSB vide this office Order No. 1270 DSEK of 2018 Dated: 16/10/2018 in terms of SRO-202 of 2015; and

Whereas, you performed your duties just for four days in BHSS Tral during 09/11/2018 to 16/11/2018 and thereafter remained absent from your legitimate duties un-authorizedly from 17/11/2018; and

Whereas, you were served show cause notices by the Drawing and Disbursing Officer concerned on 24/11/2018 and 06/03/2019, asking you to resume your duties, which you failed to do so; and

Whereas, you were again served Show Cause notice by this office on 30/08/2023, which you replied but the same was found un-substantial and un-satisfactory; and
Whereas, upon examination of the issue it reveals that you have not availed any benefit of the post on which you have been appointed/selected in the Department, as such your candidature is liable for cancellation; and

Whereas, the issue was placed before the Designated Committee in its meeting held on 17/10/2023 and after examining the case, the committee decided to Process for Pre-termination Notice.

Now, therefore before your candidature is formally cancelled, you are given an opportunity to be heard and your statement of defense must reach this Directorate within 10 days from the date of issuance of this notice, failing which the proposed action shall be initiated against you without serving any further notice.

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